Keynotes and Session Talks – DAY 2

Event Moderation:
Athina Lykos  / AIT Austrian Institute of Technology


Open Science with Closed Data
Allan Hanbury
 / Professor of Data Intelligence, Institute of Information Systems Engineering, Technical University of Vienna

Security and Data Integrity in Machine Learning
Chair: King Ross /
 Austrian Institute of Technology AIT

Toward Applying the IEC 62443 in the UAS for Secure Civil Applications
Abdelkader Shaaban / AIT Austrian Institute of Technology

IAIDO: A Framework for Implementing Integrity-Aware Intelligent Data Objects
Eric Davis / Galois Inc, USA

Fair AI
Annalisa Cadonna / Crayon Austria GmbH

How Cyber Security Threat Modeling keeps your Organisation Innovative
Orsolya Németh / Sparx Services CE

Secure Cloud Connect Flexible Systems to Reach High Security Levels in the Communication with Machines and in their Maintenance
Nikolaus Dürk / X-Net Services GmbH


How to manage Data Governance in an Agile Way
Günther Tschabuschnig / CIO at ZAMG and President of DIO, Zentralanstalt fuer Meteorologie und Geodynamik - ZAMG
Natascha Totzler / Product- & Project-Management , Nexyo


NLP based Optimization Methods
Chair: Thomas Heistracher
/ Salzburg University of Applied Sciences

Reducing Operator Overload with Context-Sensitive Event Clustering
Johannes Schneider / University of Liechtenstein

Dynamic Review-based Recommenders
Kostadin Cvejoski / Fraunhofer IAIS

Text Based Category Code Machine Learning Classification for Smart Procurement Management System
Ali Atilla Arisoy / ENKA Systems, Turkey

Strategic Approaches and Data Innovation
Chair: Thomas Lampoltshammer / Danube University Krems

Strategic Approaches to the Use of Data Science in SMEs - A Regional Case Study
Cornelia Ferner / Salzburg University of Applied Sciences

Data Ecosystems - An Incubator for Data Innovation
Lisa Höllbacher / nexyo GmbH

Farewell and Outlook 2022
Thomas Lampoltshammer / Danube University Krems
Peter Haber / Salzburg University of Applied Sciences