Day 1 – Monday, June 12th

  Research Track
Industry Track
7:45 Reception (Foyer)
9:00 Room 110

Opening and Welcome

9:15 Keynote - Ralf Klinkenberg (RapidMiner): Current Developments and Trends in Machine Learning
10:15  Break

Room 012

Reasoning and Predictive Analytics

Chair: David Anastasiu

  • 10:30 Cesar Ojeda (Fraunhofer IAIS): Circadian Cycles and Work Under Pressure: A Stochastic Process Model for E-learning Population Dynamics
  • 11:00 Rafet Sifa (Fraunhofer IAIS): Investigating and Forecasting User Activities in Newsblogs: A Study of Seasonality, Volatility and Attention Burst
  • 11:30 Norman Ihle (OFFIS e.V. – Institute for Information Technology): Knowledge-based Short-Term Load Forecasting for Maritime Container Terminals

Room 013


Host: Stefan Wegenkittl

  • 10:30 Albin Gruber (Wüstenrot Datenservice GmbH): Data Warehousing@Wüstenrot - Structured Data as Basis for Reporting and Analytics
  • 11:15 Eric Rozier (Iowa State University): Securing Against Data Integrity Attacks at The World Bank
12:00 Lunch

Room 012

Data Analytics in Community Networks

Chair: Karl Entacher

  • 13:15 Kostadin Cvejoski (Fraunhofer IAIS): Beyond Spectral Clustering: A Comparative Study of Community Detection for Document Clustering
  • 13:45 Shubham Agarwal (Hewlett Packard Enterprise GmbH): Third Party Effect: Community Based Spreading in Complex Networks
  • 14:15 David Anastasiu (San José State University): Cosine Approximate Nearest Neighbors

Room 013


Host: Werner Pomwenger

  • 13:15 Tomas Knap (Semantic Web Company GmbH): Preparing DBpedia Knowledge Graph using UnifiedViews, an ETL tool for RDF data
  • 14:00 Dmytro Martynenko (The MathWorks GmbH): Building a Big Engineering Data Analytics System using MATLAB
 14:45 Room 017

Coffee Break

 15:15 Room 012

Data Analytics through Sentiment Analysis
Chair: Günther Eibl

  • 15:15 Cornelia Ferner (University of Applied Sciences, Salzburg): Information Extraction Engine for Sentiment-Topic Matching in Product Intelligence Applications
  • 15:45 Eduardo Brito (Fraunhofer IAIS): Towards German Word Embeddings: A Use Case with Predictive Sentiment Analysis

Room 013


Host: Werner Pomwenger

  • 15:15 Stephan Schiffner, Markus Breunig (F&F GmbH) Data Analysis with Spark - from Raw Data to Insights
 16:15 Break
16:30 Room 110

Keynote - Euro Beinat (University of Salzburg):
From Data Science to A.I.: A Management and Leadership Perspective"

 17:15 Panel Discussion - Data Science Sustainability | From Research to Industry through Education

Host: Euro Beinat (University of Salzburg)

Panelists: Ralf Klinkenberg (RapidMiner), Mihai Lupu (Data Market Austria), Mike Olson (Cloudera),
Siegfried Reich (Salzburg Research), Stefan Wegenkittl (FH-Salzburg), Ben White (FutureTDM)

 18:15 Closing   

Conference Dinner (only if separately booked in advance)