Day 2 – Tuesday, June 13th

  Research Track
Industry Track


8:30 Registration (Foyer)
9:00 Room 110

Keynote - Mike Olson (Cloudera): Enabling Data Science in the Enterprise

9:45 Bernhard Jäger (SYNYO GmbH): Introduction to the FutureTDM Project
10:00 Keynote - Janek Strycharz (Projekt Polska Foundation): The Economic Potential of Data Analytics

Room 019

9:45 Steffen Märkl (Cloudera): Cloudera - powering possibilities in machine learning

10:45 Federica Fusco (F&F GmbH): TensorFlow step-by-step

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10:30  Break

Room 012

User/Customer-centric Data Analytics

Chair: Johannes Scholz

  • 10:45 Wassim El-Hajj (American University of Beirut): Feature Extraction and Large Activity-Set Recognition Using Mobile Phone Sensors
  • 11:15 Nikola Obrenovic (Schneider Electric DMS NS Llc.): The Choice of Metric for Clustering of Electrical Power Distribution Consumers
  • 11:45 Erwin Filtz (Vienna University of Economics and Business): Evolution of the Bitcoin Address Graph

Room 110

Industrial Application Scenarios

Host: Werner Pomwenger

  • 10:45 Thomas Thalhammer (SPAR Business Services GmbH): Digital Business at SPAR Business Services GmbH
  • 11:30 Tamas Molnar (Vodafone Group BI): Reshaping Ticket Based Services using Process Mining

Room 013

Data Analytics and the Legal Landscape: Intellectual Property and Data Protection

  • 10:45 Marco Caspers (University Amsterdam) / Freyja van den Boom (OKI): Dealing with the legal bumps on the road to further TDM uptake
  • Panelists:
    Duncan Campbell (John Wiley & Sons Inc.), Prodromos Tsiavos (Onassis Cultural Institute / IP Advisor), Marie Timmermann (Science Europe), Romy Sigl (AustrianStartups)


  • 12:05 Flash Presentations for Demo Session
    Stefan Kasberger (CONTENTMINE), Donat Agosti (PLAZI), Petr Knoth (CORE), John Thompson-Ralf Klinkenberg (RAPIDMINER), Maria Gavrilidou (clarin:el), Alessio Palmero Aprosio (ALCIDE)
12:15 Room 017


Room 016

Demo Session

13:30 Room 110

Keynote - Mario Meir-Huber (Microsoft): Creating Value of Data

 14:15 Break

Room 012

Data Analytics in Industrial Application Scenarios

Chair: Elena Lloret Pastor

  • 14:30 Edwin Yaqub (RapidMiner GmbH): A Reference Architecture for Quality Improvement in Steel Production
  • 15:00 David Arnu (RapidMiner GmbH): Anomaly Detection and Structural Analysis in Industrial Production Environments
  • 15:30 Johannes Scholz (Institute of Geodesy): Semantically Annotated Manufacturing Data to support
    Decision Making in Industry 4.0:
    A Use-Case Driven Approach

Room 110

Industrial Application Scenarios

Host: Stefan Wegenkittl

  • 14:30 Fabian Räbiger (Hagleitner Hygiene International GmbH): Der intelligente Waschraum 4.0
  • 15:15 John A. Thompson (Information Professionals GmbH): Creating Business Value with an Inter-Company Data Lake

Room 013

Startups to  Multinationals: An Overview of Future TDM case studies

  • 14:30 Freyja van den Boom (OKI) / Peter Murray-Rust (CONTENTMINE): Stakeholder consultations - The Highlights
  • Panelists: Peter Murray-Rust (CONTENTMINE), Donat Agosti (PLAZI), Petr Knoth (CORE), Kim Nilsson (PIVIGO)


Universities, TDM and the need for strategic thinking on educating researchers

  • 15:15 Kiera McNeice (British Library): Supporting TDM in the Education Sector
  • Panelists: Claire Sewell (Cambridge University Library), Jonas Holm (Stockholm University Library), Kim Nilsson (PIVIGO)



 16:00 Room 017

Coffee Break


Room 012

Student Talks

Chair: Andreas Unterweger

  • 16:30 Dorian Prill: Improving Maintenance Processes with Data Science
  • 17:00 Elisabeth Birnbacher, Tobias Fellner, Marco Gruber:  ouRframe - A Graphical Workflow Tool for R
  • 17:30 Dominik Hofer: Sentiment Analysis - A Student's Perspective

Room 110


Host: Stefan Wegenkittl

  • 16:30 Klaas Wilhelm Bollhöfer (*um - The unbelievable Machine Company): The Art of Data Maturity Modeling at Metro Group
  • 17:15 Thomas Soboll (Porsche Informatik GmbH), Norbert Walchhofer (Porsche Austria GmbH & Co OG): Big Data Applications in Automotive Retail - Lessons Learned

Room 013

Technologies and infrastructures supporting Text and Data Analytics: challenges and solutions

  • 16:30 Maria Eskevich (Radboud University): The TDM Landscape: Infrastructure and Technical Implementation
  • Panelists: Mihai Lupu (Data Market Austria), Maria Gavrilidou (clarin:el), Nelson Silva (know-centre), Stelios Piperidis (OpenMinTed)

Next Steps

  • 17:15 Kiera McNeice (British Library): A Roadmap to promoting greater uptake of Data Analytics in Europe
  • 17:40 Bernhard Jäger (SYNYO GmbH): Beyond FutureTDM
 18:00 Room 017