The iDSC Idea

The International Data Science Conference gives the participants the opportunity, over the course of three days, to delve into the most current research and up-to-date practice in data science and data-driven business. The conference is split into two parallel tracks, a research track and an industry track.

Research & Industry Track

The research track offers a series of short presentations from data science researchers regarding their current work in the fields of data mining, machine learning, data management and the entire spectrum of data science.

In the industry track, practitioners demonstrate showcases of data-driven business and how they use data science to achieve organizational goals, with a focus on market & trends, energy, manufacturing, quality assurance and health and sports.

Workshops & Keynotes

Our sponsors will have their own, special platform via workshops to provide hands-on interaction with tools or to learn approaches towards concrete solutions. In addition, there will be an exhibition of the sponsors‘ products and services throughout the conference, with the opportunity for our participants to seek contact and advice.

Rounding out the program, we are proud to present keynote
presentations from leaders in data science and data-driven business, both researchers and practitioners. These keynotes will be distributed over both conference days, providing times for all participants to come together and share views on challenges and trends in data science.

Side Events

All participants are invited to sign up for the evening dinner event on Wednesday, to make new contacts and deepen the existing network in a relaxed atmosphere. To round off the conference, join our social event on Friday: a guided bus tour through Salzburg’s lake disctrict “Salzkammergut”.