Applications & Use Cases

Aim of the Session

The aim of the application and use case session is to exchange real-world data science solutions from the industry and other sectors between practitioners, but also between science and practice. The track seeks creative and innovative ideas and applications of data science, e.g., in the form of algorithms, optimizations, data engineering, or process modeling. It provides the exciting possibility to have a glimpse into state-of-the-art industry and cross-sector solutions, employing cutting-edge technology to solve current and upcoming challenges.


The contribution should follow the provided template, and should not exceed two pages. The contribution should highlight the benefits of applied technologies, approaches, and data science in general within a concrete use case and how this introduction helped to overcome a specific industry/sectoral challenge. It is important to note that this session is not targeting scientists and researchers primarily, but practitioners and domain experts specifically.

Regarding the preparation of submissions, please use either the provided Word template or LaTeX template.

You can submit your contribution here – Please be aware that some problems have been reported concerning AdBlockers under Firefox. You might have to disable them in order to see/access the submission page.

The contributions are evaluated and selected by the dedicated application and use case chairs. All final contributions will be included in the conference program, as well as in the proceedings.

Important Dates and Timeline

Submission Deadline :February 05th, 2023
Notification of Acceptance:March 06th, 2023
Submission of Camera Ready Contribution:April 2nd, 2023
ConferenceMay 2nd – 3rd, 2023

Application & Use Case Chairs

  • Thomas Lampoltshammer (UWK)
  • Peter Haber (SUAS)
  • Philipp Rehm (DFV)
  • Anita Graser (AIT)