4th International
Data Science Conference 2021

October 20th - 21th 2021


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Organizations have moved from the rigid structure of classical project management towards the adoption of agile approaches. This holds also true for software development projects, which need to be flexible to adopt to rapid requests of clients as well to reflect changes that are required due to architectural design decisions. In this context, Data Science has established itself as corner stone within organizations and businesses, with Artificial Intelligence (AI) becoming an ever-more important technique for the analysis of large datasets. A systematic measurement and analysis of various parameters, whether these consist of numeric, textual, or audio-visual information, is promising for the facilitation of a wide range of new applications. At the same time, the increasing connectivity demands for inherent security by design concepts and designs to ensure safety, security and reliability of these systems. Thus, it is now imperative to assure this evolution within an interactive approach towards an evolutionary step-by-step development to realize core essential business applications and use-cases.

The 4th International Data Science Conference (iDSC 2021) has brought together researchers, scientists, and business experts to discuss means of establishing new ways of embracing agile approaches within the various domains of Data Science & Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), Industry & Production 4.0, including the dependability of systems, data mining, or visualization and communication as well as case studies and best-practices from leading research institutions and business companies.

The iDSC 2021 have been again an exciting and informative platform for insights and exchange.




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