Program / Schedule

iDSC19 Conference Guide (pdf, 1 MB)

Day 1 - Wednesday, May 22nd

Research Track
Room HS012
Industry Track
Room HS013
08:00 am Registration (Foyer)
09:00 am Opening and Welcome
Room HS110
09:15 am Keynote
Josef Waltl (Amazon Web Services): From Data to Value in Industrial Use Cases
Room HS110
10:00 am Keynote
Bodo Hoppe (IBM Germany): What Lies Ahead of Us? IBM's View on Technology Trends
Room HS110
10:45 am Break
11:00 am Data Analytics | Complexity
Chair: Lőrinc Thurnay

11:00 Jad Rayes
(George Mason University):
Exploring Insider Trading Within Hypernetworks

11:30 Abdel Aziz Taha
(Research Studios Austria): Chance Influence in Datasets With Large Number of Features
Data Analytics | Market & Trends
Host: Michael Ruzicka

11:00 Guido Harucksteiner
Innovation & Trends with Special Regard to a FRUGAL Approach and Emerging Markets

11:30 Robert Stubenrauch
(Business Upper Austria):
From Industry 4.0 to Industrial Data - Accompanying Corporate Networks Through the Digital Age
12:00 am Lunch
01:15 pm Keynote
Peter Parycek (Danube University Krems): Data-Driven Policy-Making
Room HS110
02:00 pm Keynote
Christian Blakely (PricewaterhouseCoopers Zurich): Real-Time Learning and Prediction in (Un)structured Data
Room HS110
02:45 pm Coffee Break
03:30 pm Data Analytics | NLP and Semantics
Chair: Andreas Unterweger

03:30 Hakkı Yağız Erdinç
(Donanim Haber): Combining Lexical and Semantic Similarity Methods for New Article Matching

04:00 Martin Schnöll
(Fact AI GmbH): The Effectiveness of the Max Entropy Classifier for Feature Selection

04:30 Lőrinc Thurnay
(Danube University Krems): Impact of Anonymization on Sentiment Analysis of Twitter Postings
Data Analytics | Energy
Host: Michael Ruzicka

03:30 David Steidl, Daniel Wagner
(Verbund): EDA & Anomaly Detection

04:15 Norbert Walchhofer
(Cognify KG), Stefanie Kritzer (Salzburg AG): No Space for Gaps - Forecasting Challenges in the Control Energy Market
05:00 pm Closing
- -
07:00 pm
10:30 pm
Conference Dinner: Mozart Dinner Concert
(only if seperately booked in advance)


Day 2 - Thursday, May 23rd

Research Track
Room HS012
Industry Track
Room HS013
Room 018
08:30 am Registration (Foyer)
09:30 am Keynote
Stefan Wegenkittl (Salzburg University of Applied Sciences):
Confronting the Small Data Challenge: Achieving successful Digital Transformation in SMEs Requires Transforming Processes, Roles and Technologies
Room HS110
10:15 am Break
10:30 am Data Analytics | Modelling
Chair: Werner Pomwenger

10:30 David Anastasiu (San José State University):
A Data-Driven Approach for Detecting Autism Spectrum Disorder

11:00 Ionnanis Gkioulekas (University College London): Optimal Regression Tree Models Through Mixed Integer Programming

11:30 Lina Stanzel (AEE INTEC): A Spatial Data Analysis Approach for Public Policy Simulation in Thermal Energy Transistion Scenarios
Data Analytics | Manufacturing
Host: Thomas J. Lampoltshammer

10:30 Dubravko Dolic (Continental):
Predictive Maintenance for Tires

11:00 Neha Segal (University of Huddersfield & Valuechain Ltd.): 'Champions' & 'Strugglers' of UK Manufacturing Sector - The Tale from Open Data

11:30 Sven Ahlinder (Volvo): Visualization of many variables, by projection onto two of them
10:30 Steadforce:
Candy Consumption Forecasting
12:00 am Lunch
01:15 pm Keynote
David Anastasiu (San José State University):
The AI Data Revolution: Doing More With Less Data Labeling
Room HS110
02:00 pm Break
02:15 pm Data Analytics | Comprehensibility
Chair: Johannes Scholz

02:15 Maxiej Skorski (Dell): Probabilistic Approach to Web Waterfall Charts

02:45 Shefali Virkar (Danube University Krems): Facilitating Public Access to Legal Information - A Conceptual Model for Developing an Agile Data-driven Decision Support System

03:15 Wolfgang Kremser (Salzburg Research): Do We Have a Data Culture?
Data Analytics | Quality Assurance
Host: Michael Ruzicka

02:15 Oskar Preinfalk, Rene Leikmoser (Spar ICS): HADES - Anomaly detection in retail processes

03:00 Bernhard Redl, Simon Stiebellehner (craftworks): CI/CD for Machine Learning
02:15 Cognify:
Profit from Prophet
03:45 pm Coffee Break
04:30 pm Short Papers
Chair: Thomas J. Lampoltshammer

04:30 Dejan Radovanovic (Salzburg University of Applied Sciences): Neural Machine Translation from Natural Language into SQL with state-of-the-art Deep Learning Methods

05:00 Sebastian Malin (Fachhochschule Vorarlberg): Smart Recommendation System to Simplify Projecting for a HMI/SCADA Platform

05:30 Maximilian E. Tschuchnig (Salzburg University of Applied Sciences): Adversarial Networks - A Technology for Image Augmentation

06:00 Melanie Zumtobel (Fachhochschule Vorarlberg): Using Supervised Learning to Predict the Reliability of a Welding Process
Data Analytics | Health & Sports
Host: Michael Ruzicka

04:30 Jonathan Boidol, Stephan Schiffner (Steadforce): Discovering and Extracting Knowledge from large Text Collections - Introduction to Text mining on the example of clinical trials

05:15 Richard Mohr (Techedge): Big Data and Real Time Analytics in US Football Sports. Implementing the perfect match day with Arena Analytics for the San Francisco 49ers.

06:00 Konrad Linner, Phillip Lukas (Solvistas): Ice Hockey and Data Science - How the EHC Black Wings Linz wants to become a champion with the help of Data Science
04:30 MathWorks:
Predictive Maintenance with MATLAB
06:30 pm Networking
Room 017
08:00 pm Closing


Day 3 - Friday, May 24th

Social Event
09:00 am Half-Day Panorama Tour
01:00 pm Farewell